Step 1 of 3Seven aspects of emotional wellbeing

These seven questions are designed to create a snapshot of your general sense of wellbeing. Just move the sliders to the point on each scale that best represents how you have been feeling over the past week.

We will then email you a summary of your responses.

I've felt tense,
anxious or nervous
I've been feeling
calm and relaxed
I've been feeling unhappy
or depressed
I've felt cheerful and
in good spirits
I've felt unable to cope
if things go wrong
I've felt able to cope if
things go wrong
I've felt little pleasure
in doing things
I've been enjoying
my daily life
I've felt tired or have
had little energy
I've been feeling fresh
and motivated
I'm unhappy with my
close relationships
I'm contented with my
close relationships
I've felt worthless
or ashamed
I've been feeling
good about myself

Step 2 of 3Your name and email address

Please let us have your email address so we can send you a summary of your responses.

Your contact details

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Step 3 of 3Any additional thoughts and comments

There’s no need to write anything before you press send, but here you can air any other thoughts you may have about your experience of therapy with The House Partnership.

With many thanks for your time.

Any additional thoughts